Introducing the MAMA Sophia App

Sex, pregnancy, love, and health are complicated enough as it is, whether you are a young woman studying and building a career, or a parent managing a family. Matters of family planning and birth control or sexual and reproductive health, in general, are complex. 

Everyone can benefit from more trusted, reliable support! 

The MAMA Network has created a mobile phone app that will make it all simpler. The Mama Sophia app is designed to give you the confidence and convenience you need to live your best life. Mama Sophia is a free mobile app that will help you manage your period, choose effective contraception, deal with an unplanned pregnancy, and connect you with a network of qualified and empathetic experts!

Mama Sophia offers the full range of solutions for young people and women who want to not just take care, but take control of their sexual and reproductive lives, starting with a customized period tracker. Answer a few questions to establish your cycle and Mama Sophia will provide a reliable calendar with the days of your menstruation, the days you may be ovulating, and support if you miss a period. You can also reach out to Mama Sophia’s network of experts for a chat or call if you have questions. 

What about pregnancy? The Mama Sophia app can track pregnancy as well, and tell you how far along you may be. If you decide you don’t want to continue with a pregnancy, there are confidential hotlines to offer information on safe abortion and someone to talk to if you need support. Mama Sophia also has a feature for women who want to know which contraceptive method may be best for them. Just go through a quick and easy quiz that will lead you to options that suit your lifestyle and preferences.

The Mama Sophia app is a free, lightweight app from the MAMA Network and is available now in the App Store and the Google Play store. For more information on the Mama Sophia app, like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For any inquiries write to us at or