Centre for Social Concern and Development (CESOCODE) Commemorates September 28

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To mark International Safe Abortion Day (ISAD) 2022, Centre for Social Concern and Development (CESOCODE) conducted an activity to advocate for access to safe abortion care. The goal of the activity was to strengthen awareness on the right of women and girls to access safe and legal abortion care in our community. The activity engaged relevant stakeholders such as the pharmacists, health care providers and organizations working in the areas of Reproductive Health. The advocacy campaign meeting carried key messages, highlighting that the decision to seek an abortion belongs to women and girls deepened understand that access to safe abortion is protected as a right and addressing abortion-related stigma by supporting health workers who may currently not feel safe to provide safe abortion care. We are fighting for safe abortion to be accessible and a right for girls and women in our community. The safe abortion decision belongs to the women and the girls and it has to be really informed by the scientific evidence. Access to the highest attainable standard of sexual and reproductive health including safe abortion, is a core human right. The ability to decide if and when to have children, and access to safe, timely, affordable, respectful and person-centered abortion care, including information and post-abortion care, helps to safeguard the health and well-being of women, girls, their families and their communities. Health is a human right, and abortion care is health care. Promoting and protecting access to quality abortion care is essential to achieve a world where everyone is able to access the highest standards of sexual and reproductive health services, and reach their full potential.