Who we are

MAMA - Mobilizing Activists around Medical Abortion is a feminist network and movement that convenes grassroot activists working to harness the potential of self-managed abortion.

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Where we work

We are currently 67 member organisations in 21 countries across sub-saharan Africa.

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What we do

We support those who self-manage their abortions with abortion pills in Africa by training activists, disseminating information, facilitating access to abortion pills and creating the conditions for women and pregnant people to safely self-manage their abortions. MAMA believes that self-managed abortions is one crucial way to fight for and fulfill the human rights of African women and pregnant people.

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What we accomplished

  • 7,545 people reached by hotlines in the past 2 years
  • 22,992 downloads of our resources in the past 24 months
  • 32 projects subgranted so far

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