Who we are

MAMA – Mobilizing Activists around Medical Abortion – is a collaboration of grassroots activists and feminists groups based in subsaharan Africa, working to share evidence-based and stigma-free information about self-managed medical abortion with women on community level. From documented experiences of women in our communities, at MAMA, we know that self-managed abortion is a transformative practice that disrupts the legitimacy of restrictive abortion laws while at the same providing a realistic and practical solution to an actual and urgent need: women and other pregnant people need abortions.

Our proposed model for abortion care is built on three key pillars:

  1. bringing information to people and communities,
  2. putting pills on people’s hands, and
  3. building the movement for self-managed abortion.

Vision Statement

We dream of a world where every person enjoys the right to make informed and supported decisions about their reproductive lives and where abortion is no longer stigmatized, medicalized or criminalized. A world where people have all the information, access to pills, and the community support to self-manage their abortions.

Mission statement

MAMA aims to transform the landscape of reproductive care in Africa by introducing medication abortion as a safe, accessible and effective procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy outside of the clinical setting.

Our donors and partners

  • Amplify Change
  • Hewlett Foundation
  • FJSI
  • Adey Hopewell
  • Wellspring