Legal Support Network

The LSN consolidates efforts towards realizing the ultimate goal of offering comprehensive and holistic
legal support to the MAMA network by engaging in strategic interventions. In 2022, the LSN trained eight lawyers and social workers from four African countries, namely Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

The Legal Support Network also conducted the Global South Dialogue Regional Forum in June 2022. The Legal Support Network Meeting brought together lawyers from Poland, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya. The purpose of the dialogues was to increase a Global South dialogue between lawyers in Latin America, Africa, and Europe to develop shared strategies and legal tools, discuss areas for collaboration, identify legal strategies being used by the opposition to criminalizing SMA in the different regions, and create an analysis of intersecting concerns regarding law

The LSN also develops partnership with academia, for example with the University of the Western Cape
in South Africa to conduct research and publish two research articles: “Self-managed abortion in Africa: the decriminalization imperative in the regional human rights standards” and “Understanding the regional human rights standards as the basis for an enabling environment for self-managed abortion in Africa”.