Centre for Social Concern and Development  (CESOCODE) Conducted Pharmacists Advocacy Training 

Pharmacists attending the advocacy Training 

Centre for Social Concern and Development (CESOCODE) is a member of MAMA Network  working to promote access to Safe Managed Abortion in Malawi. With support from MAMA  network, CESOCODE received a grant to conduct Advocacy with Pharmacy and strengthening  Referrals project. 

Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Safe abortion, is a human Rights which women  and girls need to enjoy and access without any challenge. Women and girls who live in rural and  hard to reach areas in Malawi, are continuing facing many challenges to access Safe Abortion  services. With this background, CESOCODE applied funding from MAMA Network to conduct  advocacy project which will bring together different actors like Sexual Reproductive health  providers (pharmacists), Policy makers and community leaders to advocate for availability of 

Safe medical abortion at pharmacy level, Reviewing of abortion policies and laws that hinder  women and girls to easily access SMAs pills and bursting abortion stigma at community level. 

On 9 June 2023, CESOSCODE conducted Pharmacists Advocacy Training which bring together 40  pharmacists to empower them with safe abortion advocacy skills to advocate for accessibility of  SMAs to all women and to partner with us in this project and after the project. 

Participants pose for group photo after the training 

After the training, the participants agreed to develop an advocacy framework and strategy to  address the issue of access to Sexual Reproductive health including SMAs at a country level and  strengthen partnerships to advance the advocacy agenda on these issues.