The Network

Current MAMA members have collaborated with each other for over a decade, and in 2016 created a formal MAMA network. Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) in Kenya and international member Women Help Women (WHW) formally founded and launched the first MAMA Network program on 28 September 2016, in close collaboration with organizations from Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Network is growing rapidly with new members from Sub-Saharan Africa and supporters.

In 2019 the MAMA Network expanded its membership to 35 organizations from Zambia, Liberia, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Guinea-Conakry and Togo.

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MAMA Network members operate helplines informing and assisting with sexual and reproductive health in several African countries.

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