Access to reproductive health information is a right for indigenous women and women living with HIV in Nigeria

In Nigeria Abortion is legal only when performed in case of rape, or incest and to save a woman’s life. Most women seeking to terminate early pregnancy result in an unsafe way leading to 33% death, 285 unsolved cases leading to mobility, and untold complications in 1000 unsafe abortions in Nigeria. 

The Trust And support foundation with support from MAMA networks with a goal to increase access to quality sexual reproductive health and the right and safe abortion for indigenous/women living with HIV. They trained a total of 70 participants comprised of (41 indigenous/women living with HIV, 19 pharmacists, 10 champions on access to SRHR, and safe abortion age 15-35 years in Nigeria. Before the training 5% knew SMA after a 95% increase in knowledge of SMA, participants demonstrated the use of MA pills for SMA successfully.

 Our training was very vital in helping us reach more than 800 women with an increase in knowledge on safe abortion, Postpartum hemorrhage, and family planning services within 6 months of the project line, indigenous /women living with HIV are able to make an informed decision on their body autonomy, there is a reduction in morbidity and mortality of unsafe abortion and misconception and stigma related to abortion was reduced within communities through stakeholders engaged and SAC 

stakeholders’ capacity was strengthened and they serve as referral building synergy between indigenous/ women and pharmacists on SMA pills. 

The mobility and mortality rate of unsafe abortion can be averted through access to reproductive health information using WHO guidelines for women of reproductive ages. There is also a need to engage more activists on the grass root to harness women’s voices in demanding the removal of any barriers to safe abortion in Nigeria while also advocating relevant stakeholders to legalize abortion and hold the government accountable for any life lost as a result of unsafe abortion.