Aunt Kaki – Uganda

Aunt KAKI is aiming at increasing the availability of life-saving sexual reproductive health information on safe, equitable, pleasurable sexual life and not limited to comprehensive abortion care and legal aid referrals. 24/7.

Toll Free : 0800 24 72 47(MTN) / 0800 34 73 47(Airtel)

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Aunty Jane Hotline – Kenya

Aunty Jane Hotline is a telephone helpline that provides reliable, safe and confidential information to save women’s lives. The hotline is toll-free and operates through life counseling and interactive voice response system. Women and girls from Kenya call Aunty Jane with questions about sexual and reproductive health, safe options.

Number: 0727101919 (Safaricom)
Toll Free: 0800721530
Whatsapp instant chat:  (+254) 727 101919
Twitter: @yourauntyjane
Instagram: @yourauntyjane

Aunty Jane Safe Choice – Kenya

Aunty Jane Kenya Safe Choice, launched in 2012, is a telephone helpline that provides reliable, safe and confidential information about sexual and reproductive health directly to those who need it. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, callers can listen to pre-recorded information as many times as necessary and/or leave a message with their specific questions.

Number: (+254) 753 700352 or (+254) 756 512512

Aunty Jane – Malawi

Aunty Jane Hotline is an Interactive Voice Response system, meaning women and girls can access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English and Chichewa. Aunty Jane Hotline gives information on PPH prevention, contraception, unwanted pregnancy and abortion, among other sexual and reproductive health topics. Callers can leave a message or SMS and get a call back from a trained operator if they have specific questions or want to speak with someone. Ask Aunty Jane today!

Because abortion is a very stigmatized topic, the launch of this public hotline is an important step forward. Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI) hosts Aunty Jane Malawi.

Number(s) / Numéro(s): 0884 773 300  or text 0884 773 310

Aunty Queen – Cameroon

Get safe, reliable and confidential information on sexual and reproductive health to young girls and women in Cameroon by telephone. Our main aim is to promote self-managed abortion using pills and also provide information on contraception, unplanned pregnancy, medical abortion using pills, sexually transmissible infections (STIs), menstruation and menstrual hygiene, mental health support and  referrals to a network of trained service providers in their communities.

Number: (+237) 673-532-667

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Aunty Shani – Tanzania

Unwanted pregnancy, family planning methods, safe motherhood, information on prevention of PPH with Misoprostol, information about STDs.

Mwili wangu chaguo langu nathamini maisha yangu nifikie malengo yangu. Okoa maisha ya Mama Mjamzito na Mtoto Jifunze Kuhusu Uzazai Salama. Misoprostol Yaokoa Maisha ya Wanawake.

Toll free number: 0800-780021

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Aunty Tasha – Zambia

Aunty Tasha is an e-service platform aimed at providing comprehensive information on sexual reproductive health and rights. Aunty Tasha provides information on comprehensive abortion care, HIV, STI’s, contraceptives, and more.

Number(s) / Numéro(s): +260 970 283 636
Email: auntytashahotline @
Instagram: @auntytashahotline
Twitter: @Aunty_Tasha

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Ms Rosy – Nigeria

Ms Rosy Hotline exists since September 2014 as a telephone helpline service that shares evidence-based and stigma-free information about reproductive health. The hotline is toll-free since 2016 and operates 24 hours daily. Women and girls from Nigeria and beyond are calling the hotline with questions about reproductive health, contraceptives, and safe choices.

Call: +1(855) 552 1550

Tantine Marthe – RDCongo

The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Auntie Marthe provides correct information on Self-Managed Medical Abortion, family planning, monthly menstrual cycle management and menstrual hygiene.

Kwa maelezo sahiki kuhusu haki na afya ya vinyo vyaho vya uzazi: Ita kwa bure kunako:

Numéros: (+243) 89 87 92 002, (+243) 99 66 55 418, (+243) 82 84 02 772

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WHW e-service – international

Women Help Women uses internet and online consultations to expand access to reproductive health products that women need. Through the online service, women can request pills for medical abortion and several types of contraceptives, such as contraceptive pills, emergency contraceptive (morning after pills) and condoms. The medical abortion service is provided in collaboration with a doctor and other medical experts. Women will receive quality products that are very safe and effective and can be used by themselves. Via women can be in touch with a group of trained counselors and activists who can answer any questions you may have.