MAMA membership allows flexible association with activist organisations and strategic allies regionally and globally working to improve access to safe abortion and information about self management of abortion with pills, safe abortion care within the spectrum of reproductive health needs.

Current members have years of experience working locally and regionally on the grassroots level and designing community based strategies. The MAMA Network joins forces with strategic partners in specific regional or thematic areas, including research, holistic security, advocacy and human rights defenders’ networks.

Participation in ongoing exchange of expertise

Network membership allows for participation in ongoing exchange of expertise, sharing of updates and resources development, joint capacity building events, mentoring projects and collaborative strategizing. Collaboration is horizontally structured and based in joint values and principles.

MAMA currently implements several regional programs and projects with funding from various sources. All Network programs focus on strengthening regional collaboration and resources as well as providing technical support to members to develop and implement shared strategies locally. The MAMA Network is structured to facilitate ongoing communication and support structures for regional activists in years to come. MAMA programs are funded by Amplify Change and Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF).